Monday, March 14, 2011


Frankly it is just overwhelming

I have, like so many others, watched the massive destruction in Japan, and I start to cry. In our global world with instant images of everything, everywhere, I sometimes think we have grown callas to suffering; especially the suffering of others.

Then something like the Japan earthquake happens and it touches all of us. Yes, there are those who will hide their heads in reality TV or the latest charlie sheen web-post, but for the most part, people want to help. Even in the midst of their own economic crisis the common people want to help each other. We empathize with the tragedy of our sisters and brothers half a world away and we want offer a hand to them.

Some like me want to run over and start lifting the rubble, look for survivors and assist in the clean up. Others will start up collections of food, clothing and money to be sent to the survivors. But one of the best things we, especially those of us living in California can do, is prepare ourselves for the next earthquake here at home.

There are many agencies that provide disaster relief training in your area. Please sign up and get trained. Do the things to keep yourself and you family (including your animals) safe, such as having food and water stored, batteries, a radio and flashlights. First aid kits in both your car and home and tennis shoes with a change of clothes, these are things that will make a disaster easier, if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in such situation.

here are some links to training in Los Angeles:

Here are some organizations that will gladly take donations for the relief efforts in Japan:

Thank you for not losing hope and supporting the survivors. It demonstrates we support our Japanese sisters and brothers through this staggering process of rebuilding.