Thursday, January 27, 2011

abandoned building, banisters, and sustainable communities

so an open question....

what if a group of us took over some of these "abandoned" bank properties and turned them into useful community centers. Adverse possession or just flat out buying them at auction - or making an offer to the bank.

I am thinking that the buildings could be low income housing with the possibility of people purchasing units. Created housing for LGBT elderly or community centers for youth and the arts. Yes, it would take money....something no one seems to have these days, and I am not saying I have the money - but what if we all worked together to create something sustainable out of this mess.

It would take work. It would take some unity of purpose, but it could solve a number of problems. From creating positive spaces for our youth to housing for the low income.  

The banks want to write off these properties. People need homes and positive spaces. What if those things could dovetail into a positive future. People in the neighborhoods could be asked what they want for their area and encourages to participate in the process so they have ownership.

possibilities are there if we can just get away from the greed element


  1. This is an amazing idea, and I hope, a plausible one. My memory is still wrapped around that cement factory (right?), the one with a roof large enough for an outdoor garden. It seems like the first, necessary step, outside of a plan is money. I'm not sure if there is a way to get around that. Ideas?

  2. money or going to the city/county with the idea and forming a nonprofit under them to seize the property though eminent domain....

    the cement building - yes I dream of it often - i think in March I shall look into what they want for it and if the owners might be willing to deal or compromise to provide space for the idea